Puzzle Page Special Issues Answers

The Puzzle Page app has launched a new gaming campaign with the tag ‘Special Issues’. ‘Special Issues’ includes the same mosaic of puzzles like: Sudoku, Word Search, Codeword, Picture Path, Picture Cross, Kakuro and other. In ‘Special Issues’ you’ll find precisely 10 pages of different puzzles to solve per each issue. Enjoy the new adventures that Puzzle Page has just launched for your puzzle gaming pleasure that you’ll be able to find in the ‘Special Issues’ just below the ‘Calendar’. Have fun!

Puzzle Page Special Issues Answers

Codeword issues

Cross Sum issues

Crossword issues

Futoshiki issues

Kakuro issues

Os and Xs issues

Picture Cross issues

Picture Path issues

Picture Sweep issues

Sudoku issues

Word Search issues

Word Slide issues

Quote Slide issues